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9:00 am - 2:00 pm Saturdays 
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 Ramona,  CA
Know your Farmer 
Know your Food
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 Let us show you "Farm" fresh quality this week.   Use our Contact Us form to request your FREE "Farm" Bag sample.

When you eat local you are helping to support your local economy, as well as getting to know your farmer.  This can help you understand a little more of  what it takes to grow the food you love to eat.  
Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food!
        Bell Peppers             Julian Apples                    Braising Greens
               Sweet Basil                     Assorted Leaf Lettuce       Valencia Oranges
Connelly Farms Produce Art submitted  by happy "Farm" bag customer       Gwen Leslie.

 Delicious Farm Fresh Produce Delivered to Your Ramona Home, Business or Local Pickup Site!
You want to nourish your family with great quality clean fruits and vegetables, and we do too!  We make your job easier  with our 
"Farm" Bag delivery service.  
Enjoy Eating with the Summer Season!
Safe Seed Pledge
Connelly Farms pledges to you our loyal customers, that we will never knowingly use any gmo seed on our farm.  Our goal has always been to provide the best in quality produce to our customers and their health is of the utmost importance to us!

Our "Farm" bags contain a “share” of Connelly Farms all naturally grown produce as well as some additional locally grown items (provided by other So Cal farmers) to round out your nutritious selection. Please see "the Farm"
 Store to order yours today.  
​Not the Most....Simply the Best!
Connelly Farms Produce Art submitted by another happy "Farm" Bag customer Pat Goley.  Even the cows are happy!
         Meyer Lemons                   Green Beans                            Figs                   
*This offer only available for new customers in Ramona and the following pick-up sites:
Cafe Merlot, Takeda,and JCVI.*
"Farm" Bag art submitted by happy customer Judy Blankenship.  Thank you!

"Farm" Bag for the week of September 21 - 27, 2014
Please see the "Farm" Store tab to order your 
"Farm" Bag today!